Domestic Violence & Forced Marriage

Abuse takes many forms – domestic violence and forced marriage are issues that unfortunately affect far more people than you might imagine, but you don’t need to suffer in silence.

For years, Eskinazi & Co has been helping wives, husbands and partners to escape their abusers, regain their lives, protect themselves and their children, and often to retain occupancy of the shared/family home. All it takes is the courage to take that first step and call us for help.

Escape from Domestic Violence

No matter your religion, race, community, or origin, whether you are married or in a relationship, if children are involved or not, you have a legal right to live free from physical violence and mental abuse. Eskinazi & Co is here to help you to escape this situation. You can make a change, there is hope, and we are there to hold your hand throughout.

Freedom from Forced Marriage

If you are being, or were, pressured – by threat or coercion, from family or others – to marry someone without your consent, this may well constitute Forced Marriage, which is a violation of your human rights. This is an internationally recognised standard, uncompromised by religion or culture, and Eskinazi & Co can help you to regain your freedom.

Experienced Solicitors Ensure Rapid Change

Eskinazi & Co offers a safe and completely confidential environment in which to share your story so we can help you to take back control over your future. As well as providing extensive legal advice and action – including protection orders – we can also connect you with organisations able to offer a variety of practical ways to help you and your children

If you need advice or assistance with any domestic violence or forced marriage matter, we are here to help.

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